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Do you have a contract?

Yes, it includes information on payment, deposit, schedule, location, travel fees, etc. All brides will sign a contract to secure their date.

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Are there any extra charges that will be due on the day?

The only charges due on the day of your wedding will be travel/parking (if applicable) and the bride/bridal party hair styles (unless paid in full before hand).

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When should I book my trial?

 I recommend booking the trial 4-6 weeks before your wedding. This allows time for any haircut & color appointments needed before the big day!

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How should I prepare the morning of my wedding?

Have clean hair, meaning washed and blow dried (preferably the morning of the wedding). If you wash your hair the night before please refrain from putting any product in your hair. I will have a variety of products to help your hair hold the style. Please have a robe or button down shirt to wear so nothing will interfere with the finished look.

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How many people can you style for my wedding?

I can style the bride and 7 others, depending on the time allowed. Please note that since I am a solo stylist, I cannot accommodate larger parties!


Do you work onsite? Is there a fee?

Absolutely! I require a minimum of 4 services to book onsite styling. All venues/locations will have a travel charge of $0.50 per mile roundtrip.

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How long is the trial appointment?

Trial runs are an hour long and I recommend arriving with clean and dry hair. Together we will narrow down how your hair will style best, along with veil/accessory placement (if necessary). Please bring your accessories and inspiration photos so we can discuss every detail! 


How much time will my hairstyle take on the wedding day?

The bride will have an hour on her wedding day for hair. I always plan so that I have more than enough time for any finishing details. Bridesmaids and family members are given 30-45 minutes for hair depending on their chosen look. 

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