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10 Self Care Habits You Can Start Today

This is a crazy time we're all in! Many of us are staying home and we may need a little help with some positivity. I started my self care regimen a few years ago and it's become a quintessential part of my weekly routine. I know that this body is the only one I'm given, to keep healthy & happy. It's become crucial for me to practice these habits so that I can give others the best version of myself. As they say you can't pour from an empty cup. So I'm sharing what works for me to hopefully encourage you to create your own self care rituals.

Let's start with the Mind

> Wake up and acknowledge 5 things you are grateful for that morning

It's so easy to forget all that we have if we're thinking about the things that we don't. I try to wake up realizing everything I have, I've worked hard for. I always remember that simply being alive for another day is a gift of itself.

> Start the day with a positive outlook

This isn't as easy as it seems when life is throwing difficult times your way. When I start my day with gratitude, I'm already creating a positive mind space. Try keeping notes around you with fun and inspiring quotes. I have a Pinterest board filled with funny and positive sayings that I can open up and scroll through when I'm feeling uneasy or down. It's called keep smiling and I linked it below. There is power in looking forward!

>Be nice to yourself

Another rule that doesn't always start out easy but is SO important. Try complimenting yourself before leaving the house. It could be how your outfit looks for the day, the way your hair is styled, anything even in the smallest. Being comfortable in your own skin is a step towards accepting who you are.

Next focus on your Body

>Have a daily skincare regimen

This has become SUCH a priority for me. If I am kind with my skin now than my skin will be kind to me as I age. Its nothing complicated, just quality products for cleansing, treating and moisturizing my face. So many of us feel extra confident when our skin is clear and glowing, which is why it's important to invest in the right products.


30 minutes, 3 days a week. Although sometimes I prefer to workout 5 days a week depending on my mood and energy levels. I feel happier and stronger after I exercise. We all have days where we dread working out, but on my low energy days even light stretching or yoga will improve my mood. There may be a lot of things out of my control, what I can control is how I spend my time empowering my body. We only get one, and we really need to treat it well.

>Bath time

It's not for everyone but when I'm stressed and feeling burnt out, I dream of relaxing in my bath tub. I like to soak in epsom salt to calm my muscles, light a few candles and mentally unplug. It's also a great time to do a conditioning hair mask!

>Hair and nail appointments

Not only is this important for me being in the beauty industry, but I enjoy putting in the effort to look my best. Naturally I feel my best when I look my best. When I maintain my physical appearance I'm investing in my self worth. I'm passionate about non toxic beauty so I invest in O&M products to keep my hair healthy. (All of my clients have access to shop these professional hair products through my custom link. If you'd like to try their line of products just click the image above and use code HHT1683 at checkout to save money!)

Don't forget the Soul

>Surround yourself with the best

I am very picky about who I let into my "Inner Circle" and that's because I value quality. I need to be around people who support me, encourage me to grow, and push me to keep that positive outlook. I seek spiritual strength from those I trust. Everyone needs a great support system!

>Weekly family time

I enjoy going on weekly outings with my husband. An outing for us can be a lot of different things. Sometimes its a neighborhood walk, enjoying a drink on a patio nearby, or having lunch at our favorite restaurant. Remember you don't have to spend money to spend time together. I love catching up on my day with him, reminiscing, venting and just being present.


I never thought I would rely on being organized but it helps me stay on track for everything. I use a planner to log my daily goals and a calendar hangs on my fridge to organize monthly events. Keeping a list of daily tasks helps me to clear my mind throughout the day. I don't stress about remembering all the details and I focus on what I can do with my time. Creating a routine for my day helps me feel accomplished, I know eventually everything gets done.

All of this boils down to the fact that I have fallen in love with healthy habits. I've had the power all along to think new thoughts and learn new things. Training myself to adapt these new habits has been empowering. I hope during this uncertain time that we're taking care of our mental and physical health so we can come out of this stronger. What healthy habits are you incorporating into your life? I'd love for you to share them!

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