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10 Truths To Introduce Myself

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Hello there! This is my first blog post, EVER. Since some readers will know more about me than others, this is simply a way of introducing myself and making it fun for all of us. A quick recap for anyone new, my name is Danea Sutton and I'm a Hair Artist living in Colorado. For all those wondering, it's pronounced (Duh-Nay). I love the chuckles when I tell people, "It's like Char-DONNAY" and I exaggerate the pronunciation of Chardonnay. I have no experience blogging, Ive never done anything like this, but I get asked all kinds of beauty questions on the daily. These blog posts will be here to help with any useful tips, tricks, and how to's on hair and beauty. So lets dive right into it with 10 fun facts....

1. I'm a HUGE animal lover. I have a cat named Chai who I describe as my fur-child, this little guy has completely stolen my heart and he is family. I love animals so much that I try to make a conscious effort at all times to purchase beauty products (any products really) that are cruelty-free!

This is Chai

2. I love to read. I can spend hours on end at Barnes and Noble finding books left and right that I convince myself I have to have. There are always 2-3 unfinished books on my nightstand that I switch between until one is completely read. Have any recommendations? I read just about anything.

3. Last summer I got engaged! My Fiancé (that's still weird to say out loud) Brian and I have been together for over 5 years and I couldn't be happier. We met in Colorado Springs at a tattoo shop where he happened to be working when I went in for mine. We'll be getting married this October!

One of our engagement pictures

4. I don't have a middle name. I hated it when I was younger, but as an adult I appreciate it for making me unique!

5. Over the last couple of years I suddenly developed food and environmental allergies. I've never been allergic to anything before so these changes were really challenging for me at first. Turns out I'm allergic to Garlic, so my diet switched around big time to keep me from looking like Will Smith in Hitch. Not joking.

6. Elephants are my favorite animal. I have an elephant tattoo on my thigh because they represent strength, wisdom, and good luck.

7. Fall is my favorite time of year, the leaves and the colder weather make me so happy. I live for the day I can start wearing over sized sweaters and boots!

8. I love sushi, I could eat it all the time and probably never get sick of it. Brian and I found a sushi restaurant in Denver with a great happy hour, and we could never turn down sake!

9. In my purse you will always find Burt's Bees chapstick. Don't get me wrong I love wearing lipstick and lipgloss from time to time but my daily choice is chapstick. Burt's Bees in particular because I love that it keeps my lips so soft. I keep a stash in case I lose one which would obviously ruin my day.

10. At least once, if not several times a year, I travel to Oregon to see my BEST FRIEND. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a person like this, but she is my person. This girl is my absolute rock, my solid support system, and my sister by choice. Oh and yes.....this is a picture of our shirts that we made with each other's faces on it. In a long distance relationship you do what you can to keep the sparkle!

Yes those are shirts with each other's faces on them

There you have it. So now that you've gained a little more insight behind who I am, I hope that you will continue to check in and see what I have to share. I would love to know more about anyone that reads this post so don't be shy, share a few things about yourself, or let me know if we share something in common!

XXOO, Danea

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