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How To Prepare For Your Bridal Hair Trial

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Booking a trial hair appointment for your wedding is crucial! I realize that a trial is not for everyone, whether it's scheduling conflicts or sticking to a budget. Sometimes you have to go with the flow! However, it's important to narrow down which hairstyle you feel most comfortable and confident in. There are many variables to discuss, so building rapport with your stylist allows the both of you to feel at ease on the big day! It's best not to leave any details to the last minute so you can focus on having fun and being pampered.


The most common question that brides have for me is how soon to book their trial. I always recommend booking up to 3 months in advance. At this point in time a lot of your wedding details have come together, you'll be able to discuss where you will be getting ready (day of) and a possible time frame. You should have an idea of how many people will want styling done to be sure that your stylist can accommodate the number of people in your party. A great suggestion is to plan your dress fitting on the same day as your hair appointment. This way your whole look can come together and you can decide if there are any last minute changes you'd prefer to make.


Don't be afraid to bring plenty of inspiration pictures! Sometimes we think we know what kind of style we want to wear, but seeing it on our own head can change our perspective. Ask about trying out a couple of different styles if you're feeling unsure. Seeing different options may help you finalize your choice. Pictures of your dress are just as helpful to have on hand. As a stylist, we help advise what looks will flatter your overall vision. When working with a bride I ask a lot of questions, such as "Do you prefer hair out of your face, or do you like the look of pieces framing your face?" "Do you want more or less volume?" "Are you thinking about adding extensions for volume or length?" "Are you wearing any accessories or flowers in your hair?" The more I know, the better! Lastly you will want to bring your veil/hair accessories if you plan on wearing them. I like to play around with veil and accessory placement so that there's no guess work day of.


Yes. I always remind brides to arrive with freshly washed and dried hair. This allows me to work with a clean base and use different products to achieve the look you're considering. Although it's not necessary, I also suggest wearing a white top and arriving with face makeup applied. These little details really help to pull the look together and give you a better visual. Some of the brides I've worked with in the past had booked their hair and makeup trials on the same day to make sure they felt confident with their overall style.


Having a family member or friend with you is always fun for these appointments, but avoid having more than one other person with you. Too many suggestions can often leave the bride feeling indecisive or insecure. It's important for you to feel comfortable asking for what you want without taking in a lot of outside opinion. I encourage 100% honesty because at the end of the day YOU need to love your hair. Don't worry about upsetting mine, or anyone else's feelings. If you want to change something or try out a whole new look, always speak up. The bride's happiness is my biggest concern!

At the end of the appointment, I take plenty of pictures for reference. These allow you to suggest any last minute changes, or just have on hand. Between the hair photos and my notes, I can arrive completely prepared to your venue on the wedding day. Every bridal stylist is different so try to book with someone who specializes in the hairstyle you prefer; boho, braids, romantic updos, etc. Now that you know what to expect, I hope booking a trial can be an easy task to check off the list. It's completely worth the time and money for peace of mind on your special day!

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