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5 Hair Care Tips For The Curly Girl

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

If you have curly hair, then you probably feel like you're battling unruliness everyday. Having curly hair can be so much work, and lets not forget the constant battle with frizz. Curls require a special routine and if you're not following these tips, today is the day to start! Since you can't treat curly hair the same as straight, lets dive into the best ways to manage your locks and keep your natural curl looking it's best.

1. Washing

It's important to use products that are specifically designed for curly hair. They're created with the right ingredients to care for your hair type. Since curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types, you need to use a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates are cleansing agents, they are in many shampoos, along with soaps and detergents. If you're familiar with the curly girl method, they encourage you to avoid shampoo and only condition so you retain as much moisture as possible, It's called co-washing. Many of my clients prefer to wash their hair so they opt for the sulfate free options.

2. Condition/Masking

Properly conditioning your hair is necessary to the natural curl pattern. Your scalp's natural oils struggle to reach your ends where the dryness seems broadly apparent. To remedy the dryness make sure you use a moisturizing conditioner (focusing the product at your ends). Hair masks are a great way to add extra hydration, especially during the dryer months. I encourage all my curly hair girls to use a mask several times a month so the hair isn't overly dry. Masks that are designed for your curls will provide intense moisture without weighing down the strands.

3. Styling your Curls

With so many curl products on the market it's hard to know which ones are best for you. Make sure to use products without silicones, sulfates, and drying alcohols. When I began using organic hair products in the salon, I learned the curly rule..."cream before oil for the perfect coils". Creams help define your curls while keeping them hydrated. For extra moisture you can run oil on your ends where curls need it the most. Feel free to cocktail your hair products in any order that works for you. I love using O&M style guru styling creme as well as AG recoil in my salon.

4. Drying

I personally think air drying is best, you can use a microfiber towel or old cotton t-shirt to help absorb excess moisture. If you prefer using a hair diffuser for drying, use the cool setting. This seals the cuticle, reducing frizz and keeping the curls shiny. Do NOT brush your hair, brushing can break your curls and cause excess frizz. Heat styling with hot irons is very damaging on the hair. If you decide to use a flat iron, make sure you are using heat protectants. Try to limit your heat use altogether, curly hair thrives on moisture and hot tools will only strip the hydration even further. Embrace your natural curls!

5. Be Consistent

Being patient with your curls is important. Nurture your hair and allow it the time to heal. If you have been treating your curls the wrong way for years, it may take more time to undo the damage. Consistency is key for your hair care routine. So don't give up, just keep working at it and your curls will thank you in the end!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 16, 2019

If you had good conditioning, only then can you style your curls perfectly. Hair Steamers is doing wonders for me, I get deep moisture and cleansing even at home.

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